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Japanese Style Bento Boxes

The history of Japanese Bento dates back 1200 years and continues to be beloved by people of all ages and genders. Because Bento Boxes are used daily for work, school and picnic, it's natural to want one that not only high quality and usability but also features beautiful design. Here is variety of Bento Boxes that your Bento time makes even more delightful


Japanese Bento Boxes Wrapping

One of the common Bento Box Wrapping,"Furoshiki" is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that is often used to carry bento boxes and other items.

It is a square piece of fabric, typically made from cotton or silk, and comes in various sizes and patterns. We have a wide variety of Furoshiki that can be customized for your taste.


Japanese Chopsticks

We have not only Benoto Boxes but also beautiful Japanese style of chopsticks. So, what's the special?

It has Chopstick cases that is a convenient item to carry your chopsticks around with your bento box. They also keep used chopsticks nicely secured until you wash them at home and you can wash it as well.


Let's make Charaben?

"Charaben," short for "Character bento" refers to elaborately arranged Bento lunches featuring food items crafted to resemble characters from popular culture, such as anime, manga, or famous figures. It's common for Japanese mothers to make Kyaraben for their children to make them surprised or let them eat vegetables, especially for special occasions like school events, or picnics.

Do you want to make your friends or kids surprised? It's easy to make it if you use special tools from our store. Let's try it.

Bento Accessories

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the features of Japanese bento?

The features of Japanese Bento include balanced nutrition and beautiful presentation. Typically, Japanese bento comprises rice, protein, vegetables, and sometimes dessert, carefully selected for their nutritional balance and arranged aesthetically. Additionally, Bento Boxes themselves boast designs that prioritize both appearance and functionality, reflecting a culture with a long history of enjoying meals.

Do you have some recipes for Bento Box?

Of course. we are here to take you to superlative Bento time. I post Kyaraben creations on our official Instagram, which are definitely help your Charaben. Please make sure to have a look at it.

Are the Bento safe for microwave ?

Our products are often microwave-safe, but some may not be. Please check the Information section on each product page for details.

How much does shipping cost?

USA : Free shipping for $50 order and up. Standard shipping is $3.

International : Standard shipping is $3.